Dive-in Movies are the New Drive-in Movies

Dive-in Movies

Have you ever seen an old movie where people just parked their cars and watched a movie outdoors? Sometimes I wish they had more places like that these days. A place where you can just kick back and relax, probably behind your pick up with your friends and some food while being casual and enjoying the film. Those days are sadly behind us now.

Outdoor movies

Outdoor movies took the place of those drive-in movies we used to have. Outdoor movies or film showing is a great activity to do with your family and friends, especially during summer. Parks and picnic grounds usually hold events like these. Sometimes it’s some sort of Outdoor Movie fundraising or for festivals. All you have to do is just bring out your blankets and bring food or purchase food available in the area and have almost kind of like a picnic as you watch the movie under the stars.

In-pool movies

There’s a new thing, especially during summer. Have you ever heard of dive-in movies? Since it’s a poolside event, most of the time, it is Aquatic Centers or water parks that hold these events. Swimming and watching a movie at the same time on a big screen hire while you’re with your family and friends under the stars sounds twice as fun. It can also be a nice idea for a first date. Instead of blankets or mats, moviegoers can enjoy watching the films on poolside lounge chairs or tubes and rafts while floating on the water. Sydney is commonly known to host these dive in movie events.

Here is how it works. A large inflatable screen is set up in the middle of the pool, like a Big Screen hire. And then they make use of a powerful sound system and a projector to turn the pool into a cinema. It sounds pretty crazy at first but when you think about it, it’s actually pretty simple yet amazing.

How to Set-up a Fundraiser at Home

Fundraiser at HomeRaising money for a certain cause can be quite easy. There are several ways to do the fundraising even at your home and one of the most exciting and quite effective ways is by setting up an Outdoor Movie Fundraising with the use of Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens. There are now companies that offer screen rentals for Outdoor movies and some of these companies can even help you out in setting up the whole event. Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens are the best option since they can be easily managed. Just make sure to get the right size which is appropriate for your area.

To ensure that your fundraising event will be a success, create an invite on your social media page and then invite your friends and other family members to join the activity. However, you need to make sure that your backyard or the intended space is enough to accommodate everyone.

You have to make sure that this fundraising event will be the first of the many Big screen events for your charity. This is the best time to go crazy on the ideas so that all the guests will be able to enjoy your event which can turn to donations for your charity. Pick a movie that is for GP or General Patronage so that everyone in the family can enjoy. You can use lawn chairs or sofas for seating arrangements, but you can also turn your backyard into an Outdoor Movie picnic setup. Guests can bring their own blankets and picnic baskets or you can even set up food stalls on the side so you can also sell food items for the guests.

An Updated Way of Hosting Events

Outdoor movie events are starting to become more and more abundant these days. Most of the time they host events like these in parks or anywhere that there’s an open field. All they have to do is put up enclosures to make sure that the audience stays in the designated areas. These big screen events are not only for big-time music festivals or concerts. They are also being held in colleges now too, especially if the school has a film club or a film organization and the like. It’s a pretty updated way of hosting parties or events or college nights.

Hosting Events


It’s pretty easy to set up an inflatable screen or an outdoor LED display screen. All you need is to make sure you have an area wide enough to set it up like a soccer field or a basketball court and get a sound system that can accommodate the venue. Some companies hold events that use this technique to promote a product or celebrate something, and then they mix it up with bands or artists and even DJs to make the party more exciting and enjoyable for their audience. You can even do this for pool parties too!

Events team

You don’t need to be a rich corporation to do this, though. You just need to have the right group of people to help you with setting up the event. Maybe hire an events team if you can afford it, a reasonable budget for rentals, and, of course, a program or choice of films to show if that’s what you’re going for. If you want to hold an event like this say for a festival in your college or for an event, it’s really not impossible. You don’t have to buy inflatable screens to make this happen. You can just look up LED screen hire or projector hire. Sound hire sometimes come bundled in with LED screen hire. There are lots of options and packages that you can avail.